Here is the Thanksgiving message from Bishop William (Bill) Cruver from 1994!  

I know we are a few months away from Thanksgiving, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not uploading these messages in any particular order, just as we find them.  And of course, as we find them, we want to preserve them as quickly as possible.  

Here in this message, Bill gives us a few humorous stories from his childhood memories (including spilling a glass of water on his brother, Bob when he was sound asleep!)

Also you will hear Bill do one of his favorite things;  that is inviting other people up to tell their stories!  

Bill had a way of making you feel like you were the only one in the room that he was paying attention to, both when he was with a small group or preaching to many folks at once (as in this church service).  

In this message we will also hear why you don't want to buy a live goose on the morning of Thanksgiving - but I'll let you discover that for yourself in the message.

Remember, as stated, when I upload them, they are in no particular order;  just as I find them and transfer them to digital format.  However, I have tagged them with pertinent keywords for the search bar.

Feel free to comment below!

Enjoy this message and feel free to share on social media or however you would like.

Pastor Harvey
(Bill's Son in Law)
Highland Park Christian Church
August 5, 2020


Bill Cruver, Bishop William Cruver, Memories, Psalm 103, Thanksgiving

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  • Thank-You so much for this blast from the past. Beautiful stories. Can’t emagine chopping ice to make ice cream. Now I know what mom could have been named. Love hearing Uncle Bills voice. I remember listening to a tape of Grandpop about going swimming on Sunday. Do we still have that tape somewhere? I would love to hear that again too. Love you all!!! Thank-You again for this. I always love to listen to my Uncles.

    • It is our pleasure. For sure I have more tapes. I am going to upload them as we discover them.

      Denise & I love you and your family. Maybe when this whole COVID paranoia stops we can get together!


    • You are welcome.
      As we find more messages from Bill, we will upload them and let you know about them.
      Blessings – Harvey & Denise

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